Ubuntu Ultimate Edition adalah Ubuntu Edgy Eft yang telah dimodifikasi dan ditambahkan software-software favorit .
Tampilan grafik baru, KDE, Windowmaker, Enlightenment dan Gnome.

Features, updates and additions :
Live & Installation DVD,
New Desktop Environments, KDE, Windowmaker, Enlightenment and Gnome all selectable via the login manager,
New Grub splash screen and animated “very pretty” boot up screen,
New theme / wallpaper / sound theme,
Repository driven Beryl,
QEMU & Kqemu Accelerator – Emulation,
Ubuntusoftware.info custom repository enabled, easy installation of softwares requiring licensing agreements (Java, Flash, Acrobat reader, Google Earth) and Games from the Gamers Edition (Alienarena 2007, Sauerbraten…).
All current Updates at time of posting,
Additional themes, icons, cursors, logins, theme engines & screensavers,
35 Additional fonts,
Ajunta IDE – Programing environment,
Alien – Allows installation of foreign packages (RPM, suse etc),
Amule – P2P software,
Archive Suite – virtually any archive can be handled,
Aria – Download manager,
Audacity – Sound editor,
Automatix 2 & Automatix Bleeder (in case you want additional software),
Avidemux – Avi (divx /xvid) editor,
Azureus – P2P software, Beagle,
BitTornado – P2P Software,
Bluefish – HTML Editor,
Bluetooth integration,
Brasero – Disc burning tool,
Build Essentials and make utility’s,
Bum – Boot-up manager,
Capture card support – TVTime / ATI-All-in-wonder,
ClamAV – Anti-virus software,
Debian Menu (pdmenu),
Democracy – Movie streamer,
Dvdrip – Dvd ripping software,
EasyTag – MP3 Tag Editor,
Frostwire Pro – P2P software,
Gaim Beta 6 – prebuilt with plugins,
Gambas – Programing environment,
GDesklets – Eyecandy & info,
GFTP – FTP Client,
Ghex – Hex editor,
GKRealm – Realtime hardware monitor,
Glade – Interface designer,
Gnucash – Financial software,
Gobby Team programing software,
Google Picasa – Graphic editing software,
Gourmet – Recipe manager,
GPHPEdit – PHP Editor,
Gpixpod – Photo sync software for Ipod,
Gramps – Genealogy software (thanks poweruser2600),
Graveman – burning software,
GTKPod – Ipod Sync software,
Hardinfo – System information,
HTop – Process viewer,
Ilinux (banshee),
Inkscape – 2D vector drawing,
Integrated codecs (the good the bad & the ugly),
Integrated Nvidia drivers (will work with other cards),
IPod support,
IPodder – Ipod sync software,
IPodslave – an iPod IO slave,
Isomaster – CD / DVD ISO editor,
Istanbul – Live screen capture,
Kapote – Instant Messenger,
Kino – Clip editor,
Kolourpaint – Graphic editing software,
Ksnapshot – Screen capture software,
KVIrc – IRC Client,
Lamp – web server (Apache2, mysql, PHP5),
Lifrea – RSS feed reader,
Listen – Media Manager,
Manrip & Lemonrip – DVD ripping software,
Many apps for KDE (too many to list),
Mencoder, K9Copy, DeVeDE, DVD Shrink – dvd copying software,
MGM – Moaning Goat Meter,
Mplayer, VLC, Songbird & Amarok players with mp3 support,
Network security tools,
Networking tools,
Newer Amarok,
NTFS read / write support,
PPP integration,
Qcad – Autocad wannabe,
QDVDAuthor – DVD authoring software,
Quanta Plus and extras – HTML Editor,
Screem – HTML Editor,
Subversion & build tools,
Sum – Startup manager (newer improved version gtk and terminal based),
Sysinfo – System information,
VCD Gear debian style,
Wine – Windows emulation (always newest version – through repo),
Wireless Internet integration,
X-Chat – IRC Client,
Xpenguins – Thanks Maddog,
XSensors – Hardware sensor software,
Yamipod – Ipod software.